cropped-img_3713.jpgThank you for taking a look at my blog.

I am Nikki and somehow find myself hurtling towards the big FIVE ZERO!

By my arithmetic this means I have been running for nigh on forty years,  yet I cannot tell you exactly why I run. It is also with regret that I do not know what my potential might have been. I never got focussed or committed to it fully.

With the half century milestone looming it is time to stop asking myself ‘what if?’, and instead find some answers. It is time to limber up and run as fast as I can at my 50th birthday.

Join me to celebrate my successes and commiserate on my inevitable failures. We are sure to learn more about ourselves as well as our running, and share some laughs along the way. All of which I will be capturing with my trusty camera to remind me of the road to fifty (check out my Instagram page).

Never too old.

Nikki x