I hear running intervals are good for me!

The bout of winter flu is a distant memory.

My running mileage has been totting up nicely and I feel stronger.

Something told me it was time to bring intervals back into my training.It has been a while, five months to be exact, since I last dabbled with reps. I have been ticking over by running the trails with Ted the dog, a wonderfully therapeutic pastime. Now though, it seemed right to stretch my comfort zone again.

Running Intervals on Mickleham Downs

Unsure of where my fitness was at, and wary of doing too much too soon, I decided a solo session would be a prudent start. That way I could listen to my body’s feedback and adjust accordingly.

Ted joined me for my comeback session. However, he seemed slightly confused as we did not keep to our usual steady pace. Instead with each rep and change of speed, he went ahead to find the squirrel he assumed I was chasing. Ted’s commitment and unfaltering effort to the task in hand was inspiring. Chasing imaginary rodents gave us both a good workout!

One session under the belt, I started to plan for the following week. Short hill sprints at the end of an easy run seemed like a good idea. No science in this decision as for now I am basing my training on instinct. I ask myself what would I:

  • Enjoy?
  • Find a challenge?
  • Not injure myself doing?
  • Gain confidence from?
  • Be able to involve Ted with?
Hill Sprints at Norbury Park

For the hill session Jon came along, so it was the ‘Three Amigos’ that ventured out into Norbury Park. After several miles we found a perfect climb to complete our eight short sprints. I loved it, even if Jon did keep trying to get a head start!

So what next?

I am still doing intervals every week and so far so good. My body knows it has worked hard, but not to the point of destruction. The next step is it to go back to the Dorking and Mole Valley AC weekly rep session. And you know what, I reckon I am ready for it 🙂

Signing off for now still feeling ‘reptastic’.

Nikki x


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