Fitstuff G3 series – a race to be rejoiced

Anxiety has been blighting my enjoyment of races in recent years.

That chronic gnawing anxiety that has no obvious source. Yuk.

I had a dilemma.

I did not want to step away from races as I knew that once a race began, I thrived on taking part and basked in post race fulfilment. I had to find a way to override the physical and emotional discomfort I felt before the starting klaxon went.

img_4144The answer was to be found in trail running.

I adore running off-road whether it be alone, with my buddy Ted the Sproodle or with friends at Park Run. So the search for a trail running event in the Surrey Hills began.

The Fitstuff G3 series (run by aat events) jumped out and I quickly booked my place on race three. I was glad I did as it soon sold out! What better recommendation for an event than for it to sell out.

Snow postponed the race initially, but last Saturday morning, without a snowflake in sight, it was back on. Time to tackle nine hilly off-road miles, as well as address any anxiety if it decided to raise its head.

img_4143By 8.00am I was registered, enjoying a coffee and milling around the race start at Newlands Corner. Serendipitously I bumped into Patrick from Sandhurst Joggers, who I used to run with. His wonderfully calm and steady presence was just what I needed.

Together we ran, talked and scrambled up St Martha’s Hill. Before I knew it we had covered nine miles and I could see the ever supportive Jon waiting for us at the finish.

I had not experienced one flicker of anxiety, only joy! So how do I think that happened? A range of factors I guess:

  • Morning races mean I do not have time to over think.
  • Hilly muddy runs removes the pressure to chase times.
  • Roots and rocks force me to concentrate on the running and nothing else.
  • Countryside scenery is sensational.
  • Sharing the experience with a like minded person (thank you Patrick).
  • Embracing the support you are offered (Jon you are a diamond).

A positive outcome all round and maybe I am starting to understand what makes running work for me.

As always keep moving and do what makes you happy 🙂

Nikki x






2 thoughts on “Fitstuff G3 series – a race to be rejoiced

  1. Hi Nik, thanks for some really good observations that could be applied to so many different situations. It’s great that some reflection was able to dis-aggregate the enjoyment of running from the moments of anxiety and you were able to find what was a perfect fit for you – trail running. By the way, love the new photo on the blog – very serene and restful, Lxx

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