There is no running like snow running

What to do when the snow falls?

Smile and keep on running.This Saturday I was set to be at Newlands Corner in the Surrey Hills to run the last event of the Fitstuff G3 series. A new race for me and I can’t think of anything to surpass a picturesque run over the Surrey Hills. It is food for my soul.

The Gallops, Mickleham Downs

With my place secured last year plus some training in the bag, covering a muddy and hilly nine miles was achievable.

That was until the winter flu bug hit me in early December, and boy it hit me hard. It totally floored me and insisted on knocking me back down if I dared to get up.

Thankfully Ted and I were tentatively back on the trails in January to rediscover our fitness and confidence. Something that is hard-fought for, easy to lose and even harder to get back.

img_3949Post flu, what next on the running horizon?

Weather forecasters predicted the first snow of 2019 was on its way. Not experiencing much snow in my lifetime, I always welcome it with the same unbridled joy that Ted does!

Both up at 5.30am, we threw the front door open to breath in the cold air and experience the muffled silence that snow brings.

Unsurprisingly, the message came that Saturday’s race was postponed. Numerous cars manoeuvring up hilly iced roads for the start was not something to wish for. G3 you will have to wait, I will be coming for you when you are ready!

In the meantime, hardy volunteers at Mole Valley Park Run  were ready and waiting at Denbies Wine Estate for a band of fellow snow runners to arrive. Thank you, thank you and thank you again Mole Valley for putting  Saturday’s run on, you were stars.

Mole Valley Park Run, 2 February 2019

So despite a bout of flu and then snow things turned out perfectly.

I got my Saturday nine mile run, comprised of three miles through Norbury Park, three miles on the slippery slopes of Mole Valley Park Run and a final three miles back home. All with the bonus of being in the middle of a stunning winter wonderland.

I am told the snow will be gone this week, so how lucky to have already got some snow running in.

Happy days.

Nikki x







  1. Fabulous pictures, Nik! And you’re so intrepid. I was worried about walking through the snow this weekend and then saw you running through it, putting me to shame!!! It’s great you get so much enjoyment out of it, Lxxx

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