For the love of singing

Ralph Vaughan Williams statue at Dorking Halls

I can avoid it no more.

I need to post about singing, or more precisely my recently found love of it.

Well, I never thought I would be writing that!

I blame a colleague who suffered my random warbling in the office for a year (poor man). After much badgering he convinced me to join  him at the Mickleham Choral Society. I am not sure if his encouragement was because he thought I could sing, or that he wanted me to seek some long overdue help!

Either way, on a Thursday evening last September I went along to my first rehearsal in the Village Hall. I was completely out of my depth and it went something like this:

  • Are you a soprano or alto? Me: Errrr not sure.
  • Can you read music?  Me: Eeeek no not at all.
  • When did you last sing with a choir? Me: Oh possibly when I was a Brownie!
  • Not to worry you will pick it up. Me: Are you sure?!

Singing in public suddenly became very real. As an adult, finding myself in the unusual situation of having no knowledge or experience was strange. Although, I felt liberated by the lack of expectation in myself and from others.

All I had to do was listen, join in, learn and enjoy. And what a pleasure it has become.

A much needed Christmas present!

The sheet music I was initially handed has gone from unintelligible to providing me with glimpses of what I should be trying to achieve. The annotations do actually mean something!

I hate to admit it, but early on I was so confused I mistakenly sang the instructions instead of the words of the song! A few months on though I am finding my voice along with the glorious feeling of contributing to the overall sound.

An unanticipated positive from singing is the calmness and joy it brings me. When singing I think of nothing else, my mind is quietened. The breath control required resembles my long loved yoga. I come away peaceful yet invigorated. If you do not believe me that singing can have this effect have a read of this article  ‘Does singing make you happy?’

So as I enter 2019 I am eagerly awaiting the weekly Thursday rehearsals. I will say it again. Singing is a pure joy.

I am interested. Do you sing and how does it make you feel?













  1. HI Change Agent, what a joyful post! Your delight and enthusiasm for singing shines through every word. I think it’s wonderful that you can discover a hidden talent or even a passion at any point. And, even better, all this joy was discovered because you just tried something different – despite knowing nothing about it and feeling out of your depth. Now that’s what I call a change. Lxx P.S. Loved the story about singing the instructions instead of the words!!!

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