Small puppy signals huge change

How difficult could caring for a puppy be?Ted arrives home

I normally do not underestimate the size of a task.

This time I did!

Late summer in 2017 Ted arrived. A beautiful bundle of joy and fluff. I was smitten yet fearful all at once.

The autumn of 2017 came and went. Winter arrived along with Christmas. So how it is that today there is a smell of spring threatening in the air, and yet you and Ted have still to become acquainted? It feels as though I hunkered down for the dark cold months consolidating my life changes, and for Ted and I to appreciate each other’s quirks.

IMG_1550So while I sip coffee on a late cold January day, my cheeks flushed with the exhilaration of an early morning run up Box Hill,  I thought I would catch up. First though, what a sight to behold this morning as I headed toward the hill’s famous viewpoint – stunning.

Anyway what can I say about Ted? The things I did not expect were:

  • A first week of all night howling.
  • The self-doubt I felt as to whether I was ‘getting it right’.
  • The wonderful scent of Ted’s puppy ears.
  • A permanent playful shadow by my side, even in the toilet if I let him!
  • How much easier it is to get out to run or walk with Ted’s encouragement.
  • Nurturing Ted has taught me a lot about myself.

Mickleham StepsI could go on, but need to stop as my coffee cup needs a refill. Suffice to say, I was told the first six months are hard work, but it will pay off. As Ted turns eight months I can see this to be true. He changes in front of my eyes every day. He is flourishing, funny and just maybe sometimes frustrating. I would not change him though, and I believe his eyes say he would not swap me either.

As I will soon be off for another walk, I wonder what is it that motivates you to get outside and move everyday?






  1. Hi Change Agent, welcome back to the blogosphere – you have been missed!!! Ted looks beyond cute and I can’t wait to meet him. You look very happy and relaxed with him in the photo. Looking forward to more Ted-related posts! Lxxx

    Liked by 1 person

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