A Change of Scenery in Alfriston

Is it really September already? Seven weeks since my last post!

Sometimes life just seems to speed up and I hang on tight for the ride.

Seeing the opportunity of a lull in the ‘rollercoaster’, whilst feeling windswept and dishevelled, I am making the most of the recent slower pace. Hence, I am back here chatting with you.

I have missed my blog writing and responding to your comments.

Anyhow, have you heard of Hans Christian Andersen’s quote from his Fairy Tale ‘The Butterfly’?

‘Just living is not enough……one must have sunshine, freedom and a little flower.’

img_0757With that ringing in my ears, a short break in Sussex was planned. A pause for me to recharge and gather myself in preparation for the next push in ‘operation life change’.

What can I share with you about the village of Alfriston that does it justice? My quick fire points would be:

• The village is nestled in the beautiful Cuckmere Valley.
• It is part of the South Downs National Park.
• At the end of a walk, you are spoilt with good pubs and cafes serving coffee with cake.
• Surrounded by rolling hills, the countryside is perfect for running.

Staying at Wingrove House, it delivered a colonial style balcony to cherish. Evenings sat out under a heater, sipping fresh coffee with the scent of flowering jasmine on the air, was a perfect place to indulge my passions of writing and reading.

Although not being someone who takes well to ‘chilling out’, my balcony haven was interspersed with exploring the local area. If you get the chance to drop by, do not miss Birling Gap. Go retro with a Feast ice cream whilst taking in the sea, pebble beach and white cliffs. Completely stunning.img_0727

Another trait of mine is to watch the pennies. So, making the most of my new National Trust membership, a visit to Alfriston’s Clergy House was in order. It is a medieval house full of history with a picture perfect garden to explore and grab a few photographs in.

Inevitably the short stay in Alfriston had to come to an end, but in that little time it had delivered. In the words of Hans Christian Andersen, I got my ‘sunshine, freedom and a little flower’. The change of scenery allowed me to reflect on how much has happened in 2017. Some big challenges, which at certain points seemed insurmountable. The break away allowed me to take my foot of the acceralator and enjoy a different environment. As the saying goes, ‘the change was as good as a rest’.

Back home I feel rejuvenated and robust enough to get stuck in to the next set of changes coming my way. Exciting times are ahead.

I am interested though. How do you step back from the day to day to recharge and reflect?

The topic for my next post? I am not sure, but starting life with an eleven week old puppy called Ted is bound to provide endless possibilities about change and patience!


  1. Hi Change Agent, welcome back – you have been missed! Alfriston sounds heavenly and as though it enabled you to re-charge and refresh, which is always good. Yoga tends to do it for me but I need to make it a more regular practice to get the full benefit – easier said than done, sometimes! Lxx


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