Like it or not – Change is constant

I am passionate about anything related to change and transformation.

But before we start, who am I?

My name is Nikki Sansom, and I recently moved to the Surrey Hills after spending most of my life in north east Hampshire.

New home. New location. New relationship. Plus a career change all in 12 months. Now that was a big change. I am not one for doing things by halves.

Change and I go back a long way and we have previously crossed paths when I:

Box Hill Viewpoint
Run stop at Box Hill viewpoint
  • Embarked on a serious fitness campaign, which saw my body and mind alter over time.
  • Got bowled an unpleasant curved ball by life, and my outlook on the future shifted.
  • Managed workplace transformation projects causing anxiety for the teams involved.
  • Watch the news and wonder what a new government means for the country.

Each experience has made me realise that, like it or not, change is constant, multi layered and integral to every stage of our life. I guess Benjamin Franklin hit the nail on the head when he said:

‘When you are finished changing, you are finished’.

Benjamin Franklin

I cannot deny though that embracing change, whether I have chosen it or not, in the end has been a useful experience with eventual positive outcomes. I agree this is sometimes with hindsight, but positive still the  same.

So does the human condition automatically fear or avoid change? Even if the results can be exciting whilst bringing growth, improvement and learning.

Can empathy, experience and scientific knowledge of personal change provide insight for an organisation tackling a major culture shift? I think it can.

It was with these issues that got me interested.

So I’ve posed large questions and supplied no answers, but it does bring me full circle to why I am blogging. Join me as I explore my thinking, get us talking and learning which will ultimately change us and our thoughts.

So in response to Benjamin Franklin, we certainly are not finished we are only just starting!

In my next post, I will share some of the highs, lows and laughable moments of my move to Surrey, but in the meantime what is changing in your world currently?


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